SwoopMe Services

Drop Me Off With Car

Pretty self explanatory, right? With this SwoopMe service, we’ll drive you and your car where you want to go. Want to add in a stop along the way? Sure! We’re here to make life easier.


Drop Car Off Elsewhere

Need you car home, but want to stay out? This is the service for you. Here, we’ll drive you & your car to you desired location, and then take your car home for you. Don’t worry, all of our drivers are fully insured for your protection.

How It Works

Step By Step

Step 1: Determine service

Start at the beginning–what service do you need to use today?

Step 2: Confirm your info

Pretty self explanatory, right? Make sure the info is correct so we can take you (and/or your car) where you want to go.

Step 3: Wait for the driver to arrive

Don’t worry, we’re coming. Hang tight until we get there!

Step 4: Sit back and relax

This is the easy part–our driver will take over and take you and/or your car, where it needs to be.

Step 5: Rate & review driver

Don’t forget to provide feedback. It’s important to us to know how we did!