CarSwoop Driver


Want to travel with your car? This is the service for you. Here you’ll be transported with your vehicle to wherever you (and your car) need to be. You will be able to add any additional stops as well!

$14.95 base fare + $1.50/mile + $0.40/minute

CarSwoop Driver
CarSwoop Driver


Want to send your car home, while you stay out? This is for you. With this service one of our drivers will grab your keys from you, retrieve your vehicle from where you left it, drive it where it needs to be, and then get your keys back to you. Simple, right?

$16.95 base fare + $2.00/mile + $0.40/minute

Everything Is Covered!

All trips are 100% covered by our insurance policy. We’re no hassle, no stress–just the way you need it.


Getting Your Car Swooped Is Easy

We’re here to make sure you never have to worry about getting you car home, again. Our services are straightforward, simple, and most importantly, easy to use. 


Request A Trip

You tell the app exactly where you need your vehicle taken to, or retrieved from. You’re welcome to tag along during this trip, but it’s not required!


Provide the Keys

You’ll be notified when your CarSwooper has arrived to pick up the keys so you can hand them over. Easy, right?

Sit Back & Relax

Now that our driver has the keys, you can sit back and relax until your vehicle is in your desired location. We take care of it all.

Repossess Key

Once our driver has driven your car to where you want it to be, they’ll return the keys directly back to you.

Rate & Review Driver

 Once you have your keys back, do us a favor and rate the driver on app to let us (and them) know how they did!