Our Services


Delivery or retrieval of user’s vehicle

$16.95 base fare + $2.00/mile + $0.40/min


On demand driver for our user and their vehicle

$14.95 base fare + $1.50/mile + $0.40/minute

Safety Is Our Top Priority

When you use our services, you’re in good hands. View our safety and insurance policies for peace of mind. 

Qualified Drivers
All CarSwoopers will go through a thorough screening process to ensure they are qualified to drive for CarSwoop.
All trips completed with CarSwoop are fully covered by our insurance policy.
Rate My CarSwooper
After every trip, the CarSwooper will be rated to ensure exceptional experience for our customers.

Get Your Vehicle Where It Needs To Be

No more stress if happy hour turns into a fun night out, and you’re not sure what to do with your car. We’re here to take care of that so you can focus on the important stuff.

Why Ride With CarSwoop?

Save Time & Energy
With CarSwoop we save you time and energy by taking the guess work out of transporting your car, whether you're in it or not. No more having to worry about logistics, or whether you need to leave right as the fun's picking up. We've got you covered.
Save Money
We save you money because we consolidate the amount of trips you need to take if you leave your car overnight somewhere (instead of having it be at home.) You can get everything accomplished in just one trip. Not to mention the amount of time you save as well!

Top Questions From Customers

Will my vehicle be covered in the case of an incident?

Yes, 100%. If we’re driving, you’re covered.

How will I get my keys back?

We’ll bring them back to you, based on the location you provide in the app. Simple, right?

How will I be ensured that the CarSwooper will drop my vehicle off in the correct location?

Our drivers are required to submit a brief description of where they left your car. You can always view this information in the History tab in the app.

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