What You Need To Become A CarSwooper


  • Must be 25 years of age
  • Must have possessed a valid US Driver’s License for two years
  • Must possess minimum liability policy of $100,000 up to $300,000 per occurrence
  • No major violations ever
  • No minor violations in the past two years


  • Government issued Drivers License
  • Proof of insurance on your current vehicle
  • Proof of residency in the state you plan to operate in


  • Meet all requirements and submit your documents
  • Submit all the information we require to apply
  • Await a response after the screening process has been completed

Application Process

1. Apply To Become A CarSwooper
Apply to become a CarSwooper, and we'll begin the screening process.
2. Confirmation Email
After finishing the application, standby for an email while we finish the screening process. You'll be notified by an email once we have accepted or denied your application.
3. Download The Application
If you're accepted, download the app to keep the ball rolling.
4. Log In
Log in using the information you used on your application. This is crucial!
5. Start Accepting Swoops
You can start accepting Swoops. Congrats!

Join Our Community

Begin making money on your own time while making people’s lives easier in the process! Learn more about the benefits of becoming a CarSwooper below.

Why Swoop With Us?

Earn money on your own time
Our drivers earn money on their own time, and get to choose when they work.
Earn without using your fuel
CarSwoopers will be earning money while conserving their own fuel 50% of the time, resulting in higher profits.
Easy to track how much you have earned
Easy to track how much you have earned. Each CarSwooper will be informed of their earnings for the week on their Home screen.
Receive Bonuses
Each CarSwooper will be provided with incentives to reach in order to receive a bonus for the hard work.
No Luxury Vehicle
CarSwoopers don't need any specific vehicle to drive with us.
Join A Community
Becoming a CarSwooper is more than just a position, it is a spot in a community.

The CarSwoop Process

Things to know before you start


All CarSwoop drivers work in pairs to ensure driver (and customer) safety, and efficient service for our customers. At the time you apply to be a driver, you’ll indicate who you are applying with, to be match with them in our system. You can be matched with multiple people at a time–but you will need to request the match. Our system will not automatically match you with people you don’t know.

– We offer two different services (SwoopMe and CarSwoop) both require you and your driving partner to work together to drive our customer’s cars where they need to be, and then make sure you, the driver, have a ride to your next location, too!

Accepting a trip


– Once you’re accepting rides, a customer will enter in their trip details, and you’ll have the option of accepting it. Note, that only one driving partner will have the option of accepting, so you’ll need to work together to decide which rides you want to take.

– Once you accept the trip, you’ll be given specific details on where to find the customer/their car, and you and your driving partner will be on your way!

Trip Begins


– Once you’ve arrived at your first destination, you’ll greet the customer and get their keys from them. So far, so good, right? Don’t worry, it’s just as easy for the next steps.

– Depending on which service the customer requests (CarSwoop or SwoopMe), they’ll either get in the car with you, or they’ll carry on at the primary location, waiting for you to return their keys to them.

– You’ll drive the car to its destination, then get picked up by your driving partner to either return the keys to the customer, if needed, or start another trip for a new customer request.

Trip Ends


– Once the keys are back with the customer, the meter will stop running, and the service will official end.

– The customer will have the ability to rate you, and include a separate tip for you and your driving partner, if they decide.

– The customer will also have the option to provide feedback on your service.

Top Questions From CarSwoopers

How will I transport around in between Swoops?

Since you’ll be working in pairs, one driver will be responsible for driving the customer’s car, and the other will following behind in their personal vehicle to pick the other driver up.

What will I do with the customers keys?

If you need to return a customer’s keys, the app will give you a specific location of where to pick up, and drop off, the keys. Your time is important, so you’ll be paid while you are doing this, as part of a trip.

What if the customer doesn't reclaim the keys?

Hey, it happens sometimes. If a customer isn’t available to reclaim their keys after 15 minutes, we have a standard operating procedure to follow, and you’ll be asked to return the keys to our storing location.

Other Questions?

Have more questions about becoming a driver? Email Support@CarSwoop.com or click the button below!