CarSwooper FAQ


CarSwooper FAQ

Do I need my own vehicle?

Your or your driving partner will be required to have your own vechicle to help you get to and from client trips.

What are the requirements to drive with CarSwoop?

You can find the requirements to become a CarSwooper at, and going under the CarSwooper tab.

How will I transport from one trip to another as a CarSwooper?

All CarSwoopers work in pairs of two. One will be in charge of fulfilling the customers request, and driving customers’ cars. The other will follow and pick the CarSwooper up once they’re done fulfilling our customer’s request.

How will the customer get his/her keys back?

As part of our service, we require that drivers return keys to our customers. This is consider part of the trip, and drivers are paid for their time.


How much commission will I make off every trip?

Each CarSwooper will earn 37.5% of the total cost of the service.

Will I still get paid for a cancelled Swoop?

Yes, each CarSwooper will split the total cancellation fee.

How do I get paid as a CarSwooper?

All CarSwoopers will be paid out on 8:00 AM every Monday morning for their weekly earnings from the previous week.

Will I earn tips as a CarSwooper?

Yes! Since CarSwoopers work in pairs, all tips from a customer will be split 50%/50% between you and your driving partner.

Signing Up

What are the steps to sign up?

Download the CarSwoop application or go to and open the tab that says “Become a CarSwooper.” Easy, right?  

What are the requirements to sign up to become a CarSwooper?

In order to sign up for the CarSwooper position, you must possess all of the following:

  • No previous criminal records.
  • No minor violations in the last two years.
  • No major violations, ever.
  • Must have a valid Drivers License. 
  • Must speak fluent English.
  • Must possess insurance for your current vehicle.

How long does it take for my application to be reviewed?

It usually takes up to a week for for your application to be accepted. Don’t worry, we’ll email you with the outcome of your application.

What do I do if my application is accepted?

Congrats! When your application is accepted, we’ll email you with further directions on what to do next.

Other Questions?

Do you have any other questions? Please email or click the button below, and it will take you to our Help Center!