Smarter Earning

Earn while conserving fuel
Each CarSwooper earns money while conserving fuel, because CarSwoopers will drive customers' vehicles.
Additional Tips
You're great, we know it, our customers know it; and they'll show it in by giving you tips that you 100% get to keep yourself, and split 50/50 with your driving partner.
Fast Payments
Our drivers will be paid every Monday at 8:00 A.M. PST for their earnings on the previous week, and will be direct deposited into your bank account.

Be your own boss and work when you want to.

Love being in control of your daily routine? Want a flexible schedule? Apply to be a driver today, and see how we’re different from those other driving services.

What CarSwoopers Get Paid For

Completing A Trip
Each CarSwooper receives 37.5% of each completed trip.
Services Charges
If you provide an extra service outside of a trip, 100% of the fees go directly to the CarSwooper.
Cancelled Trips
If a trip is cancelled, the CarSwooper receives 100% of the cancellation fee.

Top Questions From CarSwoopers

Where can I see my earnings as a CarSwooper?

Every drive will be able to see their earning on the home screen of the CarSwoop app.

Will I be able to accept cash for Swoops?

No. For your safety, no cash payment may be accepted for a trip, or tip.

How do taxes work as a CarSwooper?

Every driver will be considered an employee of CarSwoop, and given the appropriate documents to report their earnings to the IRS.

Apply to become a CarSwooper now!

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